SIPARIO CS 18C – 1990


DEBUSSY : Six Epigraphes antiques for piano four hands
RAVEL : Sheherazade for piano four hands
STRAVINSKY : Pétrouchka for piano four hands

… The two pianists propose an excellent and exquisite pianism.
Bruno Re – Digital Audio Club

 … The three pieces are not easy to deal with because they present a multiform richness of phraseological, rhythmic, harmonic, coloristic facets… Undoubtedly this duo is worthy of attention because it possesses uncommon qualities …
Renzo Cresti – Piano Time

… With extreme clarity and delicacy of touch the Moneta-Rota duo was able to capture that lightness of timbre and that harmonic scent that is the base of the pieces by Debussy and Ravel and offered a brilliant interpretation and rhythmically well-blended of the masterpiece by Stravinsky …
Ennio Melchiorre – Avanti!