SCRIABIN : 24 Preludes op.11
5 Preludes op.16
SCHUMANN : Thema and 5  Variations  op. posth.
Tiziana Moneta, piano

Tiziana Moneta has got a particular understanding with Scriabin (she performed at a very young age just the op.11 in three consecutive evenings at the Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano). Her technique is excellent, of rare transparency, and there is along an interpretive depth that shows a  now accomplished maturity. Excellent recording.

Carla Maria Casanova – Super Stereo 

Tiziana Moneta is a real natural pianistic talent: I say it bluntly, and with all the enthusiasm that such discoveries can reserve. The most important aspect of her style is the highly developed and refined sense of the musical breath with which she articulates each phrase of a piece … Scriabin fully recovers his own richness of colors and shady atmospheres, of subtle poignancy and mobility in sound, of pre-Debussy harmonies and pale memories of Chopin, through a sort of pianistic game  clear and crystal-like as much as aerial and soft …

Paolo Maurizi – CD Classica


Rome, May 5, 1984

Dear Friend,
I listened to your Scriabin, what a beautiful sound and what a flowing musicality in your interpretation.
I was admired. Thank you twice: for sending me the record and for introducing me to such a high-class pianist.
loving kindness from Your

Goffredo Petrassi




“… The reviews from the different countries where you have played are a fitting tribute to your pianistic qualities: your technique, your senitiveness so well tuned to that of the author, your touch … but I want to add another very rare quality, and it is that you put your talents entirely to the service of the works that you play in order to let your listeners discover them, rather than use them to show yourself off as it happens to even excellent performers … ”

Marina Scriabin