DISCANTICA 315 – 2020

copertina cd russo


TCHAIKOVSKY: Suite from “The Nutcracker”

« … Tiziana Moneta and Gabriele Rota form a consolidated piano duo which has allowed them to face, also in the recording field, different authors in the piano four-hands repertoire;I would start precisely from this fact, that is from this absolute level of concord with which to restore the musical visions of such different authors, whose technical and expressive peculiarities differ in a profound and articulated way.A perfect example in this sense is given by their own Rimsky-Korsakov;[…] the formal discipline that our duo manages to unleash is equal to the strength of the expressiveness of the sound obtained, in the name of a necessary compromise of the balance projected by these two Cartesian planes, as I have rarely been given the opportunity to hear andappreciate.

This refinement of sound, this supreme rhythmic balance then find perfect instance in Tchaikovsky, who really takes on a “fairytale” context under their fingers, in the sense that in the rhythmic construction of the alternating dances one always senses a nuanced scent, a softness that waterproofs the timbre dimension, making sure that the listener, the attentive one obviously, can perceive the disappearance of every reference devoted to reality and effectively projecting it into a magical sphere. »

«… Tiziana Moneta and Gabriele Rota play well, without leaving too much space for the flights of the imagination but with a very particular timbre sensibility, their harmony is made possible by years of music together. […]. Under the fingers of Tiziana Moneta and Gabriele Rota Shéhérazade exudes a subtle charm, all played on delicate chiaroscuros (listen to the third movement) and small and distant sonorities. […] We have a refined and elegant interpretation of Nutcracker Suite in its sound brightness and in the clarity of the details of the articulation, whose most representative moment is an icy and transfigured Dance of the sugar plum fairy, delicate like an oriental porcelain.»
Luca Segalla, MUSICA – May 2020