VERMEER 40032 – 2022



fellegara achrome copertina



This CD contains a large part of the last production for chamber ensemble by the Milanese composer Vittorio Fellegara, a distinguished figure of second half of the twentieth century and teacher in Composition of Tiziana Moneta and Gabriele Rota

Wintermusic [1983]

for violin, cello and piano

Herbstmusik [1986]

(Omaggio a Mahler)

for string quartet

Primo Vere [1988]

for piano and string quartet

Nuit d’été [1994]

for piano and string quartet

Berceuse [1980]

for flute and piano

Wiegenlied [1981]

for clarinet and piano

Der Musensohn [1985]

(The Son of the Muses)

study for solo oboe

ACHROME Ensemble

Gabriele Rota, piano